10 on the 10th // February Pinterest Edition

For today ... a listy. Ten things that have caught my eye online over the past few weeks taken straight from my boards at Pinterest. (Pinterest is like a visual bulletin board online to store and catalog things you find on various websites. Genius. Totally helping me keep on track of all those links or ideas I want to save but never keep up with). I've linked my Pinterest over on the right if you are on there and interested in following. : )

I keep a pinboard of those things (crafts, recipes, etc.) that I have tried and succeeded at here
Everything below is untested by me with the exception of #2. : )

1. I am making these this weekend. 

2. N2 has tried this nutella oatmeal and pronounced it GOOD.

3. This is our Friday Fun School craft for today.

4. Hoping to do this one in February as well. 

5.  Star Wars valentines. Yes, please. : )

6. Craving.

7. To feed my Instagram addiction without my phone.

8. Can't remember if I've posted this before, but I love it. 

9. So smart!

10.  Love this idea to for a party. Super cute.

Happy Friday!


  1. I groan when I see these posts now, just so you know.

    What's it with the pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate.



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