Birthdays Mean New Books

Someone has turned 5 in the blink of an eye. Happy birthday Ethan! 💙

Someone is FIVE.

Yes, I'm having a hard time with it as well, but there is no denying it. He woke up this morning and sleepily wandered into our schoolroom asking how old he was today. When I replied that he was now five, I also asked if he felt older this morning. He did, because five is kind of a big deal.

Playing like a champ on the eve of his 5th birthday.

Five loves soccer. Five especially loves soccer because his dad coaches his team.


Five asked for pancakes for his birthday breakfast, with syrup. The birthday dinner will be grilled cheese "with that red soup that we dip them in" a.k.a. tomato soup.


Five also loves read aloud time. Our special (guaranteed one-on-one) time is at bedtime, when he and I churn through 2-3 books for as long as (1) he stays awake, (2) I stay awake, or (3) the girls hold off on interrupting us. For his birthday, I spotted these Star Wars Golden Books via someone's instagram feed and knew that these were needed.


High quality Caldecott classics? Probably not. : ) Profitable for passing on a mama's love of Star Wars to her baby 5 year old? Absolutely.


  1. What a cutie! Did he eat that big stack of pancakes?!

  2. Confirming again (as I scroll through and catch up!) that he is 5. Insane! (I do think those books were necessary, classic or no. And I think some people would argue both sides of that point.) I have to confess I was looking at those same books for Christmas. I was only mentally processing how many times I would feel like reading them before I didn't anymore. :D


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