Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project Life Week 23 // June 10-16

One of my catch-up weeks … June 10-16. T’s birthday was this week as well as B’s long awaited friend party for her birthday. It was a full week!
On the left:
  • a random shot while in the kitchen. I soooo needed a haircut.
  • Sunday night popcorn and a movie.
  • a photo to document some home improvements / maintenance of late.
  • T blowing out his birthday candle. FYI, the cake? Pioneer Woman chocolate sheet cake. A-mah-zing.
Card on the left is from a smash journal card book (the entertainment one). The Happy Day card on the right is from this digi kit. (All her kits are adorable).
PLwk23b PLwk23c
One 8 1/2 x 11 insert to hold cards that B’s friends made her for her party. I also wanted to include a copy of the party invitation that I made so I taped it in the middle of the page protector with clear tape so it would move around in there.
One 12 x 12 insert (with 6 4x6 pockets) cropped down. Party action!
PLwk23e PLwk23f
On the right:
  • our long awaited date night that took forever to get all the details work out for. Dinner out (Greek, our usual) and the Avengers, which was fabulous!
  • random summer instagram shots
  • girls playing Uno.
  • A shot of the pre-birthday set up in our backyard.
This picture and the one of the girls play Uno are laid out in photoshop using kits from Crystal Wilkerson’s Sweet Summertime kit (which I can’t find online right now).
“Sunshine and happiness” is from the same set as the “happy day” card above, and the pennant banner and birthday card are from Plucky Momo.
Slowly, but surely making some progress here. : ) Happy Wednesday!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Life Double Feature // July 1-7 and 15-21

Beware of photo overload. : )
I’m trying really hard to get caught up with my PL before fall and fall activities arrive! Yesterday afternoon, while the boy napped and the girls played in the garage (with the door up it’s the one outside cool spot right now), and between loads of laundry, I knocked out two weeks worth of journaling. Another two very simple weeks with no inserts makes for fast assembly!
Week 26, July 1-7:
On the left:
  • a full fridge after being out of town.
  • Monday’s run to Target included a cursory glance at the new school supply section
  • cousin swim day
Of note, the 4th of July printables were from Erica Hernandez – super cute.
On the right:
  • a photo from the 4th, the boy on the neighbor’s playset
  • reading shot captured
  • sickies
  • our summer evening read-aloud
This is probably my favorite card from the week. The book page is from my original Narnia set that I’ve had since grade school. It’s falling apart and we’ve had to replace a volume here and there as needed at the used bookstore. (I kind of like now that I have a jumbledy mis-matched set.) : ) Everyday Moments card from here.
Week 28, July 15-21.
On the left:
  • Sunday night snacky supper
  • a last photo of our playset at our old house before it is moved : (
  • orthodontist visit #2 for N1
  • more sickies
On the right:
  • a game of Monopoly with the girls
  • a little summer of what school we DID get done last week.
  • park + library Friday
  • B and her braids
Happy Tuesday. : )
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Project Life Week 27 ::: July 8 - 14

Super simple pages for last week – no inserts even!
On the left:
  • N2 with a little friend from church. I was home with a couple kids and friend texted me this cute shot. So happy to use it for the album!
  • Monday’s school project – tracing our bodies. (Blogged here).
  • Round one of some orthodontic work for N1. That’s a pretty big x-ray machine there.
On the right:
  • some shots of the boy with the good camera. He is getting so very big.
  • if you give cousin M an animal / bird / bug book, he will sit still for a LONG time.
  • the bottom two pictures are from Friday – I couldn’t decide so I decided to use both. And, I didn’t have any pics from Saturday that I wanted to use. Lunch out at Sam’s with the crew.
Up close on the collage. He is such a happy baby – I realized I don’t have any pictures of him fussing about anything. So, I waiting until one of the girls took his car away from him, and snapped a shot. : ) Then I got his car back for him. : )
Nothing fancy about this week at all … just words and pictures. And, at it’s heart, that is why I LOVE Project Life so, so much. : )
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Life here. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up ::: July 16-20 // The Curriculum Edition


This week’s weekly wrap up is all about the curriculum over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers! Since I’ve already blogged this, I’m going to steer you to this page on my blog. If interested, you can read to your heart’s content about our plans for this year.


Look what she’s reading … happy Mama.

This week has been another one where very little of my plans on paper made it to fruition.

  • We were sidetracked by some work that needed to be done to our rental house and N1 went over one afternoon to help her Dad clean and prepare it for showings and new renters.
  • On Tuesday, T woke with strep throat and N1 had pink-eye so it was back to the pharmacy for us, along with a boatload of popsicles for the sore throat.
  • T worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday since he was contagious, and since I was trying my best to keep the munchkins quiet (both so he could work, and so he could get some rest), we DID actually school a little on Wednesday!
  • The kids (cousin included) and I worked on our body study only one day this week, but we packed in three organs. (That sounds a little gruesome.) Smile We talked about the pancreas, the spleen, and the gall bladder, and I was pleased when all three girls were able to tell their dad some facts about each of these over dinner on Thursday night. Not the best dinner conversation, but it worked out that way. We also learned that the an adult has about 25 feet of small intestines inside their body … and we measured that out on the floor. And, we learned the interesting fact that our body can make about one billion new cells per minute! Amazing! That led to a brief discussion on how you write out one billion and just how big that number is. Nothing like a lesson on the human body (with a little mathematics thrown in) to show how amazingly wonderful and creative our God is, is there?


  • There has been some Monopoly action here lately. We watched part of a documentary on the game on Netflix and it’s amazing how much math is involved in this game!


  • Today, being Friday, and the fact that it was a wee bit cooler this morning, we hit the playground and the library. Many, many books were checked out and some energy was expended so it’s making for a semi-quiet rest time right now around the house. Happy Mama. : )

7'20'2012iPePark + library Friday.

Listening to a story.


Linking up with Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Hot July School Daybook

Outside my window...we had so much rain last week – it was wonderful. We’re now back to our hot summer days, though not as hot as it was a few weeks ago. Trying to embrace the heat of summer and not wish it away for cooler fall days.
I am thinking... that I’m ready for the sickies to move on from our house! We are moving into week three of rotating germs around here. T woke up this morning and, after being hardly able to swallow, went and got a strep test. Yes, it’s apparently the gift that keeps on giving at our house.
I am thankful... however, for our Target pharmacy and that our new Super Target carries a great assortment of popsicles to soothe a sore throat. The freezer is full.
In the kitchen... we’ve been eating several meals out of this marinated pork loin recipe. It’s one of my favorites – it cooks in the crockpot and incredibly hard to mess up. : ) I was planning on making this beef pepper steak tonight, but that probably isn’t something that will taste good to a sore throat. I make still make it and make him some soup.
I am wearing...white t-shirt and brown cotton sundress. Brown Old Navy flipflops to be added to the mix later.
I am creating...layouts in my PL album! I finished our big vacation week (posted here), and finished another week yesterday. I’ve given myself a goal of writing 3-4 journaling cards a day until I’m caught up. I’m not going to probably make that today with all the ambitious errands we’ve got planned, but we’ll see.
Another week done. #projectlife
I am going...  orthodontist appointment #2 for the month for N1 today, then a few other errands before returning home. Today is hopefully our one big out of the house day for the week, barring a library run if we need one.
I am reading...
  • The Magician's Nephew with the girls (and T) in the evening
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (Hangs head in shame). I mentioned that I reread the first book for N1 … then I reread the 2nd book … and now I’m reading a page here and there in the 3rd book. It’s slow going as I really don’t have much time for ANY reading, but I can’t help myself.
  • My friend Amy (Hope is the Word) is hosting a read-along of The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education.While I read this earlier this year, I am hoping to read along again with her. I’m re-reading chapter 1 right now along with her blog post for this week (which is up on her blog, but I haven’t allowed myself to read yet until I finish chapter 1). : )
  • We also finished our school-day read-aloud that I mentioned here: A Nest for Celeste . Hope to share it on Thursday for Read-Aloud Thursday!
I am get some time in my school room this weekend and do some planning. I’ve had some ideas percolating for the girls but finding the window to look up books at the library and make notes has been hard to come by of late.
I am looking forward to...barring any more sickness that shows up on our doorstep, a date with T on Saturday night while the girls are at a birthday party. Nothing exciting – no Avengers this time – just dinner, with time to catch-up, and maybe a trip to wander around the bookstore together. Sounds fabulous to me.
I am learning… or soon will be about prepping for Classical Conversations tutoring and putting our weeks together at home when that starts. Looking forward to sitting down with this blog tonight and digging into her posts – she has a wealth of CC info!
Around the house...I have a school room that needs some work – we have been hard at it today making magnetic bookmarks and there are little pieces of paper e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.
The girls went to town making magnetic bookmarks this afternoon.
I am pondering...getting myself back into a good quiet time routine in the morning. Busy June got me off schedule and I need, need, need to get my morning routine reprioritized. A-hem, note to self. Remember this?
A favorite quote for today... it’s too long to quote, but go here to this post of Elizabeth Foss’ and move down to the section under “thinking and thinking". More good stuff from this seasoned mama.
One of my favorite things...buying birthday presents. My sister is having a birthday at the end of the week and I have something up my sleeve for her. Heeeee. 
A few plans for the rest of the week
  • the oldest has her second appointment today for some orthodontic work.
  • we have a summer women’s Bible study starting up this week (for 4 weeks only) and I’m hoping to go, barring anymore unexpected sickies popping up. I didn’t make it last week due to a hard/late working hubby. Probably won’t make it this week either with sickies, but am not giving up hope entirely yet.
  • date night on Saturday!
Again, other than errands today, our week is looking fairly quiet.
A peek into my day...
One might think that I bought these for my nephew, or possibly for N1 as she works on parts of speech, but no. There are mine. : ) (Okay, I’ll probably share, but I’m going to do some of them, too!)
I totally bought these. :)
Visit Peggy at The Simple Woman to see more daybook entries.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project Life Week 25 ::: June 24-30

Vacation week and the first week in a new album. I had an empty brown American Crafts Album on the shelf so that’s what I’m using for now to hold my pages.
The cover.
PLwk25 PLwk25a
This week is chock full. Two inserts – the first is one from we r memory keepers (Ring Photo Sleeve Protectors 12-Inch-by-12-Inch, 10-Pack, 9 (4-Inch-by-4-Inch) Pockets ) which I found in a stack on my shelf. Who knows how long I’ve had it! It has 9 slots for 4x4 photos. Behind it is a Photo Pocket Pages - Design D insert with the right column cut off.
On the left:
  • sharing a song from VBS during the morning worship service
  • N1 had lunch with a friend visiting from out of town, as well as some other local friends
  • the boy playing with one of the neighbors.
PLwk25c PLwk25d
On the left, travel insert number one. I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves here for the most part. : ) Used the numbers that came with the Clementine core kit to label the pictures for ease in journaling.
The back of insert one and my cropped down insert two on the right.
Closer + more numbers.
Insert #2.
Love this photo of the boy.
Love this photo of both the boys. : )
The back of insert 2.
The last page – the regular weekly photo insert with a few favorite photos.
  • getting ready to head out on our trip.
  • me and my munchkins. (And that’s the most of me you will ever see in a bathing suit on the internet. : ))
  • T + the girls + a cousin at a local animal safari. We were waiting for the pig races to start! (We only thought we left that kind of high quality entertainment behind in Tennessee…)
  • some of T’s family.
PLwk25n PLwk25o
A first for me – I didn’t take our big camera on vacation at all this year. The last time we went to the lake my good camera and sand had a disagreement with one another so I elected to not even risk it this year. All these pictures were taken with my iPhone using the Camera+ photo app and processed either through that app or through Instagram. There were a just a few pictures that didn’t turn out like I would have wished but most of them turned out just fine for this project. The large 12 x 12 cover photo is one that went through Instagram and I love how well it enlarged. That was a pleasant surprise!
Happy Saturday!
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