A Project Life Catch-up Post // Week 24, June 17-23

The facts.

This is what the inside of the last six weeks of my Project Life album looks like.

PL Week 24

June was sooooo busy. I gave myself permission to set PL aside for a few weeks so I could just manage the immediate and now I’m back to play catch up. The only thing I have done the last six weeks is print photos. Usually on Sunday afternoon, when the boy takes a long nap, I would get on the computer and quickly (and hopefully painlessly) pick pictures from last week and slip them in the album. Now, I’m going back and adding in the journaling as well as working on printing the pictures from vacation last week and getting those in the album. It feels good to be playing with my PL supplies again! : )

Anyway, this is one of the more recent weeks that I needed to catch up on – June 17-23, and probably our craziest week of the month. T was out of town for three days on a business trip, the kids and I attending a 3-day Classical Conversations (CC) practicum, AND it was VBS week at our church (in the evenings). Madness, I say.

The overview. I have four 8 1/2 x 11 inserts in here to hold extra papers that I didn’t want to cut out. (And I didn’t want to spend the extra time scanning or photographing to reduce to include so I took the easy way out.

PL Week 24

On the left:
  • After we got T off to the airport, I took the little people and went a grabbed a few groceries and then to the pool in hopes of wearing them down before bed. My first trip with the four of them by myself and we all survived.
  • Day of our CC practicum. My brain might have exploded during the discussions about Latin.
  • Another photo from the CC practicum – this one from the tutoring training that I attending in the afternoon.
  • No extra photos in my journaling spots. I used all four spaces to talk about CC (and I could / should have used a fold-over card, but didn’t) to cover some of the highlights of our days there.
PL Week 24
Up close on some of the journaling…
PL Week 24

Just plopped a couple Instagram pics on a piece of digi background paper.

PL Week 24

The first 8 1/2 x 11 insert are the Father’s Day cards that the girls made T. I totally dropped the ball on Father’s Day this year. Not my finest moment!

PL Week 24

Second insert. This is a map of Africa that N1 drew during the Classical Conversations camp that she attended. The paper is very wrinkled because she wanted it to have an old look. : )

PL Week 24

On the back of her map are some little progress reports that the kids’ camp teachers gave them. I included one from the boy’s class because I loved how it said he was happy and busy. Yes, that’s him! On the right is insert number 3 with N2’s map that she traced.

PL Week 24

More of N2’s work – learning how to draw blob maps of the world to get the general idea of continent placement. On the right is insert number four which is totally random. In cleaning out some papers I found this old reading log I kept from 2006. I don’t even remember reading some of these books, so I stuck it in there for fun.

PL Week 24

On the right of the main PL layout:
  • a photo from the camp presentations on the last day of their CC camp.
  • a photo from Target. Our Target is now a SUPERTarget. It remains to be seen as to whether is is a big timesaving thing for me or a way to spend more money. : )
  • One of the girls’ “passports” from the week at VBS. I didn’t take a single VBS picture this week.
  • Girls’ Night Out dinner on Saturday. So fun to catch up with a friend that was in from out-of-town.
PL Week 24

Up close.

PL Week 24

One week caught up, five more to go! I’m hoping, now that July is here and we are done with most of our coming and going for this season, that I can get caught up and stay current for a bit. We are actually going to start a little school next week – these 100+ days are so long when you can’t burn off some energy outside.
Have a great Saturday. : )


  1. Love it! I'm impressed that you print your pictures every week. I need to try that. Honestly, printing the pictures is one of the most time-consuming (and dreaded) parts of the process for me!


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