Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up ::: July 16-20 // The Curriculum Edition


This week’s weekly wrap up is all about the curriculum over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers! Since I’ve already blogged this, I’m going to steer you to this page on my blog. If interested, you can read to your heart’s content about our plans for this year.


Look what she’s reading … happy Mama.

This week has been another one where very little of my plans on paper made it to fruition.

  • We were sidetracked by some work that needed to be done to our rental house and N1 went over one afternoon to help her Dad clean and prepare it for showings and new renters.
  • On Tuesday, T woke with strep throat and N1 had pink-eye so it was back to the pharmacy for us, along with a boatload of popsicles for the sore throat.
  • T worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday since he was contagious, and since I was trying my best to keep the munchkins quiet (both so he could work, and so he could get some rest), we DID actually school a little on Wednesday!
  • The kids (cousin included) and I worked on our body study only one day this week, but we packed in three organs. (That sounds a little gruesome.) Smile We talked about the pancreas, the spleen, and the gall bladder, and I was pleased when all three girls were able to tell their dad some facts about each of these over dinner on Thursday night. Not the best dinner conversation, but it worked out that way. We also learned that the an adult has about 25 feet of small intestines inside their body … and we measured that out on the floor. And, we learned the interesting fact that our body can make about one billion new cells per minute! Amazing! That led to a brief discussion on how you write out one billion and just how big that number is. Nothing like a lesson on the human body (with a little mathematics thrown in) to show how amazingly wonderful and creative our God is, is there?


  • There has been some Monopoly action here lately. We watched part of a documentary on the game on Netflix and it’s amazing how much math is involved in this game!


  • Today, being Friday, and the fact that it was a wee bit cooler this morning, we hit the playground and the library. Many, many books were checked out and some energy was expended so it’s making for a semi-quiet rest time right now around the house. Happy Mama. : )

7'20'2012iPePark + library Friday.

Listening to a story.


Linking up with Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Sounds like a good week, Stephanie. I'll have to check out that Monopoly video. My girls LOVE Monopoly. Our week has been sort of crazy, but I'll let you read my post to find out why. :-)

  2. Thanks for the documentary info! Looks like a fun week :)

  3. Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Have been reading down your blog, hope everyone is recovering from the sickness.
    Could not help noticing that you are taking part in a read along about Classical Education. Are you all Classical Educators? We have been Charlotte Mason for years, but I've been reading about Classical Education andactually pullled our history reading from a Classical list. I am wanting to try some Classical this year, but really not quite sure what all is involved. Just going to attempt.

  4. Ok, you are going to think I am some crazed woman. It appears that you are not the Stephanie that stopped by my blog, but I enjoyed reading your blog anyway. The link I clicked on obviously crossed up some how. Glad I got to read your blog though to learn more about Classical education. Stop in and visit with a crazed homeschool mom if you'd like, he he he.


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