Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Life Double Feature // July 1-7 and 15-21

Beware of photo overload. : )
I’m trying really hard to get caught up with my PL before fall and fall activities arrive! Yesterday afternoon, while the boy napped and the girls played in the garage (with the door up it’s the one outside cool spot right now), and between loads of laundry, I knocked out two weeks worth of journaling. Another two very simple weeks with no inserts makes for fast assembly!
Week 26, July 1-7:
On the left:
  • a full fridge after being out of town.
  • Monday’s run to Target included a cursory glance at the new school supply section
  • cousin swim day
Of note, the 4th of July printables were from Erica Hernandez – super cute.
On the right:
  • a photo from the 4th, the boy on the neighbor’s playset
  • reading shot captured
  • sickies
  • our summer evening read-aloud
This is probably my favorite card from the week. The book page is from my original Narnia set that I’ve had since grade school. It’s falling apart and we’ve had to replace a volume here and there as needed at the used bookstore. (I kind of like now that I have a jumbledy mis-matched set.) : ) Everyday Moments card from here.
Week 28, July 15-21.
On the left:
  • Sunday night snacky supper
  • a last photo of our playset at our old house before it is moved : (
  • orthodontist visit #2 for N1
  • more sickies
On the right:
  • a game of Monopoly with the girls
  • a little summer of what school we DID get done last week.
  • park + library Friday
  • B and her braids
Happy Tuesday. : )
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on Amazon.com. It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Life here. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.


  1. Love it! Love, love, love it! Some observations:
    1. I love your handwriting. Seeing it motivates me to work on mine. ;-)
    2. Love the 4th of July goodies!
    3. Love the book photos. I think I'll try to include at least a picture if our read-aloud every week from now on. My Narnia set is from my childhood, too!
    4. I want to work in my PL right now, but alas, the day is scheduled from beginning to end.

    I still have several weeks to share with you; see #4. Sigh.

    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I really do know the difference between in and on, but my thumb doesn't. :-)


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