Not Enough Hours in the Day


Life is very full right now.

March brings with it two girls playing soccer and one getting ready to start softball practice. A husband preparing and practicing for an Easter service. Friends having babies, parents and daughter and brother-in-law having birthdays. The calendar is f.u.l.l.


So when I can’t even really think straight to make a list of what I need to be doing, what do I do instead. Dump an entire box of Fruit Loops (or the generic Aldi’s equivalent, Fruit Rounds) into a bowl and hand out string. Little girls (especially the littlest) sat still for 45 minutes while I finished our current read aloud and we found out what happened with Winona and the pony. (We needed to finish it).


It was a good reminder to me that I really need to do more of these activities with the girls and not always wait until I’m caught up on everything. They didn’t mind that it was simple and thrown together at the last minute. They did like that I sat with them and said “yes” and not “later.”

The “later” days are dwindling when they think making fruit loop round necklaces pass for a cool pastime. I need to soak in more of them.


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