Saturday Soccer Times Two

Warning! Warning! Photo overload! Soccer season has started and my niece manned my camera this weekend at the games. Thanks, J. : )

We have had a hard time getting our soccer season started this year. Between regular spring rain and the three days of SNOW the first weekend in March, we have been hard pressed to get any practices under our belts. Our first weekend of games were cancelled due to snow (again, CRAZINESS for middle Tennessee) so this was the season opener for both the girls. Yes, both! We have two girls playing soccer this spring and we were so thankful for such a beautiful day and for all our fans that came out to cheer us on!


First was N2’s game. Her team has managed to practice twice before this game and the temperatures was literally 30 degrees at both practices. C.O.L.D. It sure was nice watching her play when it was sunny and almost warm in our coats!

DSC_7690 DSC_7689 DSC_7675 DSC_7623 DSC_7622 DSC_7691

We were so proud of how well N2 did on her first game. The screaming when she scored her first goal was quite something. : )

By the time of B’s lunchtime game we had shed the coats and some of us were quite comfy in short sleeves. This was a motley group of bystanders.


Seems like B hasn’t forgotten what she has learned in the last year of playing. That girl loves to run.

03'09'2013a DSC_7777 DSC_7762

Cute substitute coach alert. : )

DSC_7740 DSC_7731 DSC_7736 DSC_7732 DSC_7820

By the end, we were all wiped with the excitement. : )

In the interest of being totally honest for posterity, I will admit that we are doing some serious soccer shuffling on some evenings and that there will be Saturdays where we have overlapping games and T and I will be headed in different directions. Some nights I am not sure what time we will get fed with people going in all different directions! I’m really having to be on the ball to make sure we aren’t eating chicken nuggets multiple times a week. That said, I totally see this as being a good choice for our family right now. With rare exceptions, we spend three days a week home all day long hanging out and doing school. To get out for practices on those evenings after we have spent our day studying and reading and learning together is a good thing. We stretch our legs. We get some much needed sunshine and Vitamin D. A certain boy gets to run off steam and sleeps well at night. Dinners have to be a bit quicker or prepped ahead of time, but with enough planning it hasn’t been a stressor so far. I’m thankful for the opportunity to instill a love of exercise and fitness in my kids at this early age … something I sadly lack.

However, I’m working on that myself to set a good example. : )



  1. Good for you! We've been walking once a week (sad, I know) at the YMCA while the girls do gymnastics. I keep repeating to myself--"After the baby comes, after the baby comes, after the baby comes. . . " As if life will settle down then! ;-)

    Great pictures!


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