Saturday, May 04, 2013

Around Here

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Photos from our Classical Conversations end of the year night. Top picture is N2’s class (she is on the far left); middle is N1 (she is in orange, 2nd student from the right); and the bottom is B and me (she is standing next to me).


Last day of CBS until fall. E’s teacher is a gem. We are really going to miss her next year when he moves up into a “big boy” class.


A big adventure coming up for one of the girls this summer.


This boy + this dog. The girls were the one that wanted the dog, but the boy is the one that loves him the most I think.


Roses that have started blooming this week.


A few moments sitting on the back patio on a Friday afternoon. Dad and girl playing catch (not seem are a boy and dog rolling around on the ground in between them). Fresh coffee. Notebooks of ideas. Herbs from a wonderful family gifted to us.

A blessed and very full week.

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