October is My Favorite

Where to start.

The last five weeks have been ones of big BIG change for our family. The addition of a 14 year old girl has been such a blessing but there have also been some big hurdles and bumps that we have (and are) experiencing as we fit her into the family, as well as helping her overcome her own personal hurdles. (I hate the vagueness that life has to be right now in some areas. Please forgive the lack of specifics).

I've noticed that I'm not taking many pictures these days. I miss that. My plate is so full of what has to be done next that I'm not slowing down and being observant and thankful. I'm too busy focusing on the next meeting, the next school assignment, the next bathroom that must be cleaned, the next meal to be made. Those things are all very true and it's definitely helping me to be more focused and on task, but I'm drained when I don't take a little time to emotionally (creatively) recharge!)

October IS one of my favorite months. The changing leaves, all our family birthdays, the crisp weather ... I could go on and on. I've made myself a little photo challenge called #Octoberismyfavorite and I'm trying to remember to take a photo a day solely for the beauty that I am noticing that comes in the month of October and post it to Instagram. I'm not going for perfection ... I already missed posting yesterday ... but I'm slowly reminding myself to pause, look for beauty, and remember to be thankful that it is there even when the days are long and hard.

A glimpse at what I've captured since Wednesday:

Day 1: October means pumpkin in all the things ... pumpkin waffles for breakfast. (Also, in honesty, we are a cereal eating family at breakfast and we were out of all of it ... ergo, I had to actually MAKE breakfast!) Recipe from weelicious.

October means pumpkin in all the things. Pumpkin waffles this morning! Recipe from @weelicious

Day 2: take yesterday's pumpkin waffles. Add brown sugar cream cheese. You're welcome.

Yesterday's @weelicious pumpkin waffles with @jessicagfisher brown sugar cream cheese. #octoberismyfavorite

Day 2 (bonus): pre-birthday celebrating the night before.

Birthday-eve celebrating.

Day 3: Eleven is my new favorite. She's already great at being eleven.

Eleven is pretty fantastic.

Day 3 (bonus): also, ten is my favorite. (All the ages are my favorite!) Celebrating the one and only nephew with a fantastic photobomb by my dad in the background.


Day 4: Soccer on cool, crisp Saturday mornings. And the fact that this girl played ... that's a whole post in itself that I need to write up to remember. So proud of her yesterday and definitely an October favorite.


To be continued...


  1. Love it! I miss reading your posts, but I SO understand why you can't blog now.

    I have a very happy right year old,right now who has not one but two happy mail days in the past month. :)

    You're doing a great job, Stephanie. God's blessings on you, my friend.


  2. That should say that I have a happy EIGHT year old right now. Somehow it got garbled, either through autocorrect or my tired, old brain. ;)

  3. I thought of you when I was at Aldi the other day because of all the pumpkin stuff. Hang in there sweet sister. Love you so much and your brave new world.


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