Happy New Year! This year I'm easing into the new year nice and slow. I think there is a word for the year out there for me, but I'm sitting on it for a few more days and letting it percolate a bit. January is going to be all about a return to routine - in school, in home, in healthy eating and moving - with a few new things I want to fit into my days.


Day 1 - journals for each of my kids. This was an idea I spotted last year and 2015 is the year it happens. Just a sentence or two to remember something from their day. It won't always be profound - the boy's journal has a funny conversation documented that he and I had tonight about buying him some new underwear. : ) Even if I only write in everyone's journal a couple times a week it will be worth it a year from now.


  1. I'm sure your son will enjoy reading about the conversation years from now! ;) What a neat idea though. Happy New Year!

  2. Oh! I love that journal idea. Hmm hmm.....

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours also! (A few days belated, perhaps...)


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