Worth a Share

A few posts that I have bookmarked and keep referencing:

  • a post from Modern Mrs. Darcy on how to save big on audible audiobooks. I had noticed this a few weeks before she shared her post, but she wrote it out much more succinctly and clearly that I could have.
  • Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles has been on a book list kick lately and I am devouring them. My wish list in Evernote and Amazon is getting quite long.
  • these two posts on creative lettering. Handwriting and creative lettering has also had a special place in my heart and these two inspired me.
  • Mystie's series at Simply Convivial about using Evernote for homeschooling. I have been using Evernote to store recipes and blog posts I want to revisit for years, but I'm learning tricks to use it even more effectively. I'll never move away from planning with paper, but for long term reference and searchability, Evernote is the bomb.
Now I want to go and reread each of these posts as we start off a slow Saturday since our first day of soccer games have been cancelled due to the snow!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these links, Stephanie! I'm especially excited about the lettering links--I've already been on a bloggy rabbit trail thanks to that pair of links!


  2. Evernote. . .oh dear, I'm behind again! What IS this Evernote of which you speak???


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