Reading Report :: August 2015

Cozy reading this evening.This afternoon i listened to the @amlovelythings + Adam Andrews webinar on how to get your homeschool back on track when it inevitably derails. What is the one thing you can do to regroup and refocus. It was excellent and I'm already wishing I had been ta

Happy August! This month started out as a great month of reading and then ... school started. : ) My reading time (and any extra energy) has evaporated, and the number of books I've been getting through has significantly dwindled! I can't complain though - I really did get to read a lot this summer!

What I read in August:

(I also posted my review of  Simply Tuesday this month, even though I finished the book in July. It's one I had to sit on for bit before writing).

Starting a new read aloud today. #weekinthelife #readaloudrevivalHappy mail. Cannot wait to dive into @amlovelythings new (revised) book this weekend! Congrats Sarah!!

Right now, I'm working my way through:
  • Teaching from a State of Rest by Sarah Mackenzie (review soon!)
  • Dinner: A Love Story (because I haven't read a good kitchen memoir in a while and I need some kitchen inspiration)
  • reading aloud Tirzah by Lucille Travis with the kids as our first history tie-in for our Ancient Civilization studies.
I'm EAGERLY (I can't type it big or bold enough) the next Mitford book from Jan Karon which comes out at the end of September. I should probably just go ahead and block out the time that I'm unavailable so that I can hide away with that book. : ) Otherwise, I'm not sure what I'll pick up next. I'm sure school and soccer and life will keep me sufficiently busy enough that I'll blink and the end of September will be here before I know it!

Happy reading. : )


  1. School starts this week for me--I've been shoving books in like a person who fears she'll never have food again these last couple weeks. :)

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on Teaching From Rest.


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