Thursday, May 07, 2009

Read Aloud Thursday ::: What We've Been Up To

I'm going to highlight two of our favorite read-alouds from recent weeks today ... I seem to forget Read-Aloud Thursday until late in day normally so I am excited to participate today. :)

The girls have discovered Amelia Bedelia and have fallen in love. :) I'm sure most of you remember the crazy maid from our childhood. She was told to remove the spots from her employer's dress - instead of using a spot remover, she cut out all the dots that were printed on the dress. Her crazy antics make my girls laugh, and I love that most of the Amelia Bedelia Books are an "I Can Read Book" and can be found in different levels. As I have a soon-to-be-blossoming reader, I will be pulling more and more of these from the library as time goes on, I can tell.

This little book was probably one of my favorite discoveries of late ... and as a mom of little girls that LOVE to carry around purses, this book is on my list to buy down the road. This is the story of a little girl and her mom that take the bus to town to run some errands. She starts out the day with her big green pocketbook empty, but with each stop, she adds a little something to her bag and when she heads for home it is full of the treasures of her day. N1 and I put together a lapbook based on this book, using resources from Homeschool Share. A extremely easy and fun project if you have a little that you are starting lapbooking with ... this one would not be overwhelming at all.

Much thanks to Hope in the Word for hosting Read Aloud Thursdays! I enjoy this and hope to participate more as time permits. :) She's also hosting a book giveaway right now if you want to enter!


  1. I loved Amelia Bedelia!

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Yay, Stephanie! I'm so glad you played this week!

    Lulu LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Amelia Bedelia. I'll admit that sometimes I get confused reading those books aloud, but I persevere.

    My girls really liked the Big, Green Pocketbook when we did it back in the fall, too. We did some of the activities from Before Five in a Row, and we even made a little purse. I'll have to look up the lapbook you recommended, though, since we're just getting started lapbooking. (I hope to post about this soon. . .)

  3. I love Amelia Bedelia! Will definitely check out the other book.


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