Friday, June 10, 2011

Inspired By ::: 10 Things

For Friday ... a listy. Ten things that have caught my eye online over the past few weeks taken straight from my boards at Pinterest. (Pinterest is like a visual bulletin board online to store and catalog things you find on various websites. Genius. Totally helping me keep on track of all those links or ideas I want to save but never keep up with).

1. This idea for a Favorite Things Party. I can see me putting this together for a girls' night out someday.

2. A chalkboard sign for the kitchen with the day's menu.

3. A postcard birthday tutorial for some serious great happy mail. My oldest would LOVE getting something like this in the days leading up to her birthday.

4. Fruit served in a waffle cone. How pretty for a summer picnic.

5. Taco pizza from Pioneer Woman. I will be making this soon.

6. Library cards and pockets in the front of our own books. 

7. Star Wars poster ... for the boy of course. :)

8. I need something like this in the bathroom for bathing suits.  So smart.

9. This little craft project just makes me happy with all the rainbow of colors.

10. An indoor A-frame tent for the little girls' room. They would love it.

Linking up with 10 Things on Shimelle's blog to round out this week. Happy Friday!


  1. What a varied list, lots of visual stimulation as well.

  2. Love your pins! I just pinned one of yours! lol Enjoyed your list! :)

  3. adorable~love your list!!

  4. Fun stuff!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh. LOVE the swimsuit "rack" in the bathtub. That's perfection!

    I also really like the looks of the pencil eraser and stamp pad craft. I like that a lot!

    Fun post!

  6. P.S. A friend of mine introduced me to the joys and wonder of The Taco Pizza (which was not yet a Pioneer Woman recipe) and I found it totally divine.

  7. Wow, what a fun variety of creative ideas!

  8. These are great - I like the dots with pencil rubbers and the happy mail. Not sure I would be organised enough for that though. TFS

  9. so many lovely things on your list of 10, I think the pencil rubber stamping is my favourite!

  10. Very clever and inspiring ideas! I especially love the "Favorite Things" party and the pencil eraser used as a stamp craft.

  11. Anonymous2:38 PM

    You have an awesome list. I really like those waffle cones with fruit in them,


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