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Day in the Life :: May 8, 2014

Danger, danger. Photo overload. : )

I absolutely love Ali's Day in the Life (and Week in the Life projects) that she has posted about on her blog. I love the reminder to capture the little stuff that makes up our day - what we're eating, what toys are strewn about on the floor while I read, what the kids are up to when I can covertly capture them. This was our Thursday and it was a good one.

I was up a little after 6am and the first of the kids got up around 7:30a. Several of them had a hard time going to sleep last night so it was a slower start to our day than normal. It worked our well because this is the first day in I-don't-know-how-long where we never left the house. Lovely.

7:30am - crafting.


8:30am - sleepy breakfast face. With her nose in a book all the time right now.

8:30a : breakfast. Doing Day in the Life with @aliedwards today.

9:00a - music practice. Our recital is in a little over a week!

9:05 : recital practice. #ditl #dayinthelife

9:30-ish: caught reading while one of the other girls is practicing and I'm getting laundry going.


9:45a: starting our table school work for the day. (I've been asked to post a better picture of my planner and I will soon).

9:45 : moving to table lessons. #ditl #dayinthelife

11:00a: mid-math.


A small break to admire his plane.


More math. Y'all, the fact that none of these numbers is backwards ... big stuff.


12:30p: Lunch. Sandwiches for kids (though the boy requested a cut up hotdog) and a salad for me. Little things I want to remember: N1 only wants turkey and provolone and typically only want bread if we have these kinds of sub buns; N2 likes provolone and isn't as picky about her meat - today it was this really good salami that T bought; B wants turkey and American with "that white stuff on it" (she has recently discovered mayo on her sandwich and is obsessed).

IMG_4042IMG_404712:55p : break is almost over. #ditl FYI - chocolate chunk oatmeal with dried cherries and pecans cookies, minus pecans (picky kids) and sub white choc for reg. From the #cookiefriday cookbook. Crazy complicated baking instructions that burnt several but

2p: Afternoon read-aloud. Lunch break doesn't usually last as long, but there was a Frozen sing-along going on downstairs while I finished up lunch (and the book that I was reading - just a few! pages! left!) and I let them have a few extra minutes.


2:45p: exercise while the kids have a rare afternoon treat of watching Carmen Sandiego.

2:45p : exercise. #ditl #dayinthelife

4p: afternoon chores - picking up the upstairs, laundry finishing, cleaning the glass on the mirrors and front door.

5:00p : #dayinthelife selfie. And also, clean mirrors. #ditl

6p: dinner. Taco salad tonight.


6:45p: the kitchen is tidy and its time for outside. Bike riding and ball playing and running around.

6:45p : playing outside before bed. #ditl #dayinthelife ps. Not in the street. Thankful for our quiet cul-de-sac!

This is where my photos stop for the day. We came in a little before 8p and popped some popcorn for a before-bed snack and watched one episode of Little House on the Prairie (someone got Season 2 for her birthday). Then everyone was in bed with lights out by 9p, after stories all-round. The boy and I read Goodnight Moon (and something else that is escaping me), I read an Elephant and Piggie book with N2 and B (all ages in this house love E&P), and N1 and I are reading through Anne of Green Gables at bedtime when it's not too late. Then I went downstairs and collapsed hung out with T for a bit before I crawled into bed.

Really, this was a very normal day for us at home. The fact that we didn't have anywhere we needed to go was so nice for a change; no hustle and fussing from me to "finish your math before we have to leave!" Dinner around the table with no rushing to eat quickly so we can head out the door. I'm looking forward to many more of these days this summer.

You can read more about the Day-in-the-Life project on Ali's blog here. All photos today were shot with my iPhone 5 and most were processed through PicTapGo.

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  1. Wonderful! I need to do one of these. It has been over a year since I last wrote one.

    You're looking good, Steph! :)


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