Becky2620 hooked me up with this email question listserv and here are the ones I got today . . .

Would you be able to do these things yourself or have someone do it for you?

1. Fix a flat tire.
The one time I tried to fix a flat, some man stopped to help me - I must have looked like I had no clue what I was doing. I think I understanding in theory how to change one though.

2. Fix a tear or make alterations to clothing.
I can do some clothing repair. Most recently I managed to patch a hole in one of Travis's good sweaters when he was attacked by our fake Christmas tree last December. (He won.)

3. Unclog a severely plugged up sink or toilet.
No . . . eewwww . . . see Travis's recent Xanga post about how much we recently paid to have our plumbing repair. Ick.

4. Change the oil in your car.
Unfortunately, not something I can do. I do know how to add oil which is imperative with my car as it burns oil like crazy!

5. Put together an unassembled toy or piece of furniture out of the
This I can handle - last assembly project? Noelle's highchair.

Speaking of sweet, precious, wonderful Noelle, the beginnings of tooth #1 is now barely poking through on the bottom. My thankful thought for the day - we stopped nursing a week and a half ago!


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