Sunday evening . . . youth group is cancelled for the evening and we have an unusally quiet evening at home ahead of us for a change. I'm looking forward to it. Noelle is practicing her standing in an exer-saucer, and Travis is outside taking down part of our deck. The folks who owned this house before us had had an above ground pool in the backyard. One of our first projects after we moved in was to get the pool taken out. Most of our friends thought we were nuts to take out the pool, but once we moved into the house, Travis spent a lot of evenings cleaning out the pool, learning how to clean the filter and manage all the chemicals, and it was turning into a costly headache. Besides, my folks live in a condo with a real pool - why pay for the upkeep of a little 4 ft. above ground one, when we can go over the Grandma & Grandpa's and swim in their real pool whenever we want?? Plus, if we ever want to get a swing-set or something, there was no yard at all for it to fit into.

All that to say, we now have this wierd deck that has been taken out in chunks at a time where it used to wrap around the pool. Travis wanted me to get out there an help him with the project, but I am not a hot/sweaty/get dirty kind of girl. I like air conditioning.

Another big event of the weekend - Noelle is officially on formula exclusively. I had been having milk issues the last week - mostly in the evening and after watching my supply for several days, we have concluded that I've pretty much dried up. I'm kinda bummed that I had to stop nursing at 6 months when I had really intended to go to a year. Praise the Lord that she seems to have taken to the formula well in the last few days - all I had were samples that we had been given (she never would take it before, or drink out of a bottle until recently) and she has drunk/guzzled everything I've given her with no apparent problems. Still it's weird to think that she just six months old and she isn't dependant upon me anymore for food. I think I'm having some withdrawal pains....


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