oday has started out as a "Jonah Day" to use a Anne of Green Gables phrase. But I am DETERMINED not to let it turn into one. So what if one car didn't start this morning - the other one did so Travis could get to work. I'm thankful we have two cars! And it also means that instead of getting out and running an errand (that I really do have to run), I get to enjoy the morning at home with Noelle, she gets a good nap, and we can hope the car starts after lunch. (It does this sometimes - my car is 11 years old, it's time for some problems).

Other things to be thankful for today!!
1. It's not raining and the puppies can be outside, although much supervision is needed so that they don't dig in the mud - we (meaning Travis) has had to hose them off twice in the past two days because they have been so filthy. But they have so much fun getting dirty...
2. I have a new Mary Higgins Clark mystery to read. I'm not sure when I am going to have time in the near future to read it, but it is there beckoning me. (I managed about 20 pages last night before I was falling asleep on the couch).
3. A huge scrapbooking project that I committed to was finished last night! I was asked to make scrapbooks for two girls in our youth group that are graduating this year. The hitch - I was hired by the Granny who wanted the scrapbook created like her's was in 1941 - with a handmade wooden cover that she wanted their school logo painted on!! FYI - I don't paint, I don't draw. I have good handwriting, and a good eye, but that's about where it ends. But they are done and when Granny previewed one of them last week she was happy. We give them to the girls tonight and I'm excited.
4. I get to start working back on my own scrapbooks one of these days . . .
5. I have 1/2 2 litre of Diet Coke that I have to drink before it goes flat.

Making that list (which could be much longer, but I have to get to work) definitely helped!


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