Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tackle it Tuesday

Brought to you by 5 minutes for Mom

Today's project is vacation inspired ... I'm going to be cleaning up in the girls' bedroom and pulling the outfits that I want to set aside for vacation, packing up some clothes of N2's that are too small, and generally getting organized in there. I need to wash bedding on both beds and do some serious straightening!

Edited to add some pictures of progress:
The clothes that needed to be put away...

The piles that need straightening...

The finished results. :-)


  1. Go for it! Hope you get lots done!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous plan! How did it work out??

  3. sounds like a lot of work! good job!! I do not like packing - it is so much work!

    So glad to have you join us for Tackle It Tuesday!!! I have been meaning to addd a thicker border or do something to our header pic - it bugs me everytime I look at it. Yours looks good. Maybe that will inspire me to fix ours for next week.:)

  4. I love the furniture Stephanie!!! Sounds like a great plan and a job well done... :)


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