Friday, June 09, 2006

Under the Pile

Life is overwhelming me right at the moment. Lots of good stuff going on, but I'm just feeling buried and having a hard time getting stuff done. We had N2's 4 month appointment on Monday ... the little now weighs 15 lbs., and 2.2 oz., and is 25 inches long. A good report from the Dr. with instructions on starting her on cereal if we were ready. I had been thinking about waiting a few more weeks (basically until we got back from our vacation at the end of the month), but Travis wanted me to go ahead and work on it with her. So far, it hasn't been terribly successful. I think I've tried it with her at least once every day this week (some days more than once) and her tongue-thrust reflex is still really strong and she just spits it out and screams like I'm trying to poison her. We've also moved to cloth diapers with N2 ... for budgetary and other reasons, we decided to make the switch and it is going really well. Other than the learning curve on how to get the diapers on the girl and such. That's trickier than one might think! They arrived in the mail on Monday and I spent the afternoon washing up diapers and getting them ready for use. She's also still getting up at least once (if not twice) at night to nurse. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, because I REALLY don't mind getting up to feed her, but the lack of sleep is wearing on me. I've got a cold on top of it and I'm just not into summer colds. There is something wrong with sweating and your nose running at the same time. :-)

What else is going on ... our civic died this week. It's in the shop and, as of yet, we haven't heard the diagnosis on what the problem is. We've been a one car family now since Tuesday evening so there has been some shuffling going on to get Travis to work if I need the car, and a couple days where we've just stayed in all day. Travis came home today over his lunch hour and brought me the car so the girls and I could get out and buy his birthday present. (His birthday is Monday, but we're celebrating with my family at Sunday lunch). We took him back to work and the girls fussed their way through Wal-mart with me, but we got Daddy taken care of with a gift from me and one from the girls. :-) And I am NOT going to let him see them before Sunday. I am the world's worst about spilling the beans on the present or giving in and giving gifts early, but NOT THIS YEAR. I will be strong. :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to pack a bag for N1 ... she is spending the night with Grandma tonight. Travis and I have a meeting we have to be at since we are both on staff w/ our church ... an annual combined meeting with the Elders, Deacons, and then staff. We have to be there about 7:30 in the morning - I'm bringing the food for breakfast and lunch - and we'll take N2 with us for a bit. My Mom will swing by later in the morning to pick her up from us and have a day with the girls. I'm hoping the adult time helps me with a little girl-break, even though it is "work" for me. Might be just what my sanity needs.

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  1. Sometimes a little time away (even if it's a meeting!) is all it takes to remember why you are doing what you do at home, even though it seems like it's way too much trouble just getting out the door!

    You are so fortunate to have a close grandma. Take advantage of it!


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