Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday

They are little and yellow and help my frazzled brain remember things!! The post-it note is my friend and product endorsement for this go round. :-) I use them to:

  • stick notes in my calendar
  • as book marks
  • when I did Weight Watchers and was counting points, I would stick them on packaging and put the points right on the box or bag of whatever it was
  • child entertainment system - almost as fun as a bunch of stickers for my 2 year old and they come up off of things so much easier
  • when scrapbooking, I can put them on the unfinished page with a few notes about what I want to journal so when I come back to it, it jogs my memory
  • when I have a great idea for Works for Me Wednesday, I put a post-it on the next Wednesday in my planner so that when I turn the page, my idea is right there ready for me to type up and post!

    ... and so on and so forth. I love that they come in lined and unlined, and in so many different colors and shapes. I even have some that have a pink ribbon on them for breast cancer awareness!

    Thus ends my ode to post-it notes. :-) For other great Wednesday tips, see Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer!

    1. Hey, good idea. I especially liked the suggestion for leaving yourself notes for Wednesday ideas, since I always find myself staring blankly at my computer screen... Thanks!

    2. I love post-its too. Thanks for some new ideas on using them.

    3. i am all about the postit notes too. i use them when scrapping for that too.

    4. I love post-it's, they work great until my son eats them ;).

    5. I too love post-it notes. They are greaf for those reward types of things.


    Thanks for commenting!