Advent Calendar

A couple of you asked to see my advent calendar so, with some hesitation on my part, here it is. : ) I will admit, it did not turn out as cute as I wanted, but, as I told Stephanie, it was free and easy and those can be important perks at times to a mama of three.


I had actually seen a cute idea for an advent chain-thing hung across a mantle, but we really don't have a mantel per se. I thought it would be a cute idea to have socks hung for each member of the family ... and our girls don't have enough socks for me to use just theirs. (Yes, we could use some socks in our stockings this year!) : )

The end result is that I have 24 socks up there, one for each day from December 1 - 24. Because I don't trust the 4 year old - I sense that she has inquisitive fingers like someone else in this family *looks around innocently* - I'll put the day's event / scripture reading / idea, etc. in one and a time. For those that were looking for some other homespun advent calendar ideas, these are two others that I found that I contemplated doing:
  • Advent Wreath from By Sun and Candlelight - I love, love, love the simplicity of this one. I may try this one next year.
  • Advent Boxes by Ali Edwards - I really wanted to do this, but couldn't justify the cost of the boxes and supplies I would need (and the time to paint and make) this year.

I made a page in my planner/journal several weeks ago and have been making lists and lists of things that we are going to try and do this December ... if we don't do all of these, that's okay. But I have a game-plan of sorts and I do so much better with one rather than waking up and coming up with an idea right then. That just doesn't work for me. : ) And, of course, as others share of their advent ideas I'm thinking of things to borrow and maybe add for next year! Some of our activities are going to be:

  • going to our local, small town, Christmas parade
  • making a button tree
  • watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and eating popcorn
  • make applesauce ornaments
  • bake and decorate cookies
  • have a picnic dinner inside in front of the tree
  • a trip to the zoo (weather dependant)
  • candy cane ornaments
  • make pretzel hugs
  • drive around and look at Christmas lights
  • watch The Polar Express and make popcorn
  • tea party
  • go to the mall and see Santa (probably won't do pictures as I don't think my girls are brave enough, but we may go check him out) : )
  • participate in the Christmas program at church

Off to start our day ... we have a trip to Walmart in the future. (Completely out of detergent and since the laundry never stops around here, it's is a necessary trip!) : )


  1. I think it is precious!


  2. what a cute idea! Unfortuately, we don't have enough socks or a mantel either. You know it's bad when the 4.5 year old boy says "maybe I'll get socks for Christmas" and is excited about the idea! = )

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Socks for Christmas, huh? Too bad I don't have my pattern books out...I'd knit you and your family some!!! Maybe down the road?

    Just a random reader....

    You have visit me over at:

  4. We always got socks for Christmas! The advent "calendar" is absolutely adorable just as it is.

  5. Cute and creative and fun!!!

  6. Anonymous1:17 PM

    That is so cute! I got off easy this year, because my Favorite Boy made a chain at school. It is attached to a construction paper bell. When you take of the chains and get to the bell, it's Christmas Eve! We hung it in his room. Now, our only problem is that he's having trouble waiting until bedtime to take a ring off! :)


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