Project Life Week 5 ::: January 28 – February 3

This is what it’s about – little people looking in the album and remembering. : )
I got behind a couple weeks on Project Life. Life happened! We had a birthday in the family, there was snow, school has been busy, etc., etc. Week 5 here was especially busy with a couple extra inserts and collages so I could get everything I wanted in. Here’s the overview:
On the left:
  • a smudged out shot of something that B had to sign for school. For those that know B in real life, she has a nickname that has stuck with her since she was a baby that I just adore. Well, when it was time to write her signature on this paper, all on her own she wrote the super sweet nickname that is in no way legal. : ) Loved it so much that of course it had to be included in the album!
  • I sat in on a Classical Conversations Essentials class on Tuesday. (Their afternoon program for 4th-6th graders.) N1 will be starting this next fall and it looks so great. I’m excited about what she (and I!) will learn from sitting in this class!
  • The birthday girl.
I used all sorts of kits and pieces in this week’s layout. On this side you will see the Olive title card and a journaling card (far left). The second card is from In a Creative Bubble.
Up closer – the insert shows a 4x6 documented a power outage we had last week during a storm. The power went out around 3am when a huge storm (and small tornado!) went through and stayed off until about 10am. Nothing to even complain about but it was definitely odd to wake up with no power on N2’s birthday!
The first insert on this week was the questionnaire that I did with N2 on this post. The second insert below is Design C, cut in half to hold three 4x6’s on each side. The front is devoted to photos of the birthday girl with Dad and Mom. (The 4x6 “love this” journaling card on this side, and the “today” card on the back, are both from my February Studio Calico kit.)
The back was documenting the big storm that came through.
And on the right:
  • Snow pictures!
  • Bowling pictures!
  • Birthday pictures!
“Happiness is” and “Note This” are from the Olive kit which is on sale right now both in the digi version and on Amazon. The February card and “on cloud nine” are from the Studio Calico kit. I have to admit after not having been knocked out the January kit, I have really liked the February kit so far!
You’ll notice the liberal use of collages here. : ) The collage 4x6 card is a recent find from Splendid Fiins – called “halvsies”, they are half collage and half lines. I can see using a lot of these.
Untitled Untitled
And that was a full week five in a nutshell. Week six is done and photographed so I’ll hopefully post that soon. : ) As it is it’s about my bedtime on a wild and crazy Friday night so it’s time to shut things down for this evening.
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Life here. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.


  1. Love, love, love it! Thank you so much for posting your digi finds! I'm behind (of course!) but not giving up.

    1. Oh--and a question--did you print your halvsies picture on photo paper? If so, did you use a Sharpie for the journaling? I'm having a hard time finding a pen (for reg. paper and photos) that I love.

    2. I did – and I used a Sharpie. I have also used Slick Writers (I think they might be American Crafts?) once upon a time when I had more scrappy supplies and I liked how those wrote on photo paper a LOT. I may need to get some more.

      I hate to admit. I do almost all my journaling with a ballpoint. It’s the pen that I write the neatest and the most comfortably with. The fact that everything is in little pockets and I don’t ever write actually ON the photo with the ballpoint, I just don’t worry about it. If I have something I’m more concerned about, I use Sharpies (both the markers and their pens) or a gel pen since I usually have some of those laying around. For as much as I obsess about how neat my journaling looks, I don’t use fancy writing instruments at all! 


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