Bake something springy!


I like to bake. A lot. I just don’t ever take time to do it. There always seem to be other things that are pressing on me with more urgency. However, I spotted these little goodies on Pinterest some time ago and have been waiting for an opportunity to bake them up – they just cry spring to me.

Carrot cake donuts with a pineapple cream cheese frosting. So so good. Please do not judge me on my mad frosting skillz. Because I don’t have them. : ) However, I do have a donut pan and it is so fun to use.


Approved by all the children. Even from the munchkin that didn’t know that the donuts had both shredded carrots and pineapple in them and was somewhat aghast when she found out. Score.

Note: The recipe also calls for toasted walnuts sprinkled on the top, but I didn’t have any and my people aren’t huge nut fans. However, if I had been eating the whole pan, they would have surely been covered in them. : )


  1. Frosting things in not my forte either. But all you need is a thumbs up from the kids and you are totally good to go! I'd eat one...


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