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It just feels like a day for some link-love.

I’ve made a few recent finds on Pinterest and thought I’d share a few successes.


Oven baked fajitas. I may have this on the menu two more times this month. These were so good.


Chicken and white bean enchiladas with salas verde. Another winner. I made a few of these with corn tortillas instead of white ones and they were tasty as well. (Crumblier, if that’s a real word, but good).

Protein ranch dressing. No picture, because my jar is about half gone and messy, but seriously good.

Leprechan floats. An annual St. Pat’s tradition for us. Sprite + lime sherbert.


St. Patrick’s Day necklaces.


Swig Sugar Cookies. These have been all over Pinterest of late, and they are so very, very good. I had plans to make them for Easter but a sick girlie postponed some of our Easter plans to Monday. Worth making even though we didn’t get to share them over the Easter weekend.

It feels good to make my time on Pinterest productive lately! : )

For more Pinterest stories you can visit Keeping Up With the Johnsons. : )


  1. Those look great! I wish it could be st. patrick's day right now so I could make those floats for our girls. I might sneak it in as a happy spring surprise :)

  2. whoa. so much delicious going on here!
    can't wait to try those oven baked fajitas!

  3. Those oven baked fajitas look really yummy. I'm sticking that on the menu for this month. Stopping in from PinterTest Kitchen.

  4. THOSE COOKIES. I need. Also, the fajitas look delish. And the enchiladas. You have been BUSY. Thanks for linking up!!

  5. Must try those fajita/enchiladas! And, leprechaun floats?!?! Too cute! Love it!

  6. The fajitas sound amazing! I am for sure going to try that this week. :)


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