Project Life ::: April 22-28, 2013

Today we had an unheard of Saturday. One where absolutely NOTHING was on the calendar. Fabulous. It has been a day of getting things done around here. T has been doing some home maintenance kinds of things, and I’ve made a quick run out for produce and ice cream (a.k.a. necessities!) Otherwise, we’ve been working on projects and just enjoying the day as a family! To that end, I managed to get the journaling finished on THREE PL weeks. Yahoo. : ) I’m only sharing one of them on the blog. The other two were both weeks that wrapped up tons of end of the year activities and programs and I just didn’t have the stamina to mess with photographing and writing a post about those two weeks. I may share a few highlights later, but today, it’s all about April.
On the left:
  • I made a title card from the digi Kraft kit because I needed a spot to put this great picture of a cow!
  • N1 reading at someone’s soccer game.
  • a great night at softball where she got one of the game balls
  • another shot at another soccer practice
In the journaling card slots there is a picture of the boy at a softball (lots of game and practice shots in this week!) and one that is a screen shot from my phone after run.
On this side we have:
  • a field trip documented
  • a boy playing peek-a-boo
  • the one photo from a party for my parents’ birthday (complete with photobombing nephew)
  • T and the boy out for a daddy-date for pizza
I needed a place to put my journaling for the our field trip to Hatcher Dairy so I used one of Splendid Fiins flips digi journaling cards. I forgot I had these, but it worked great to get some extra writing in!
Martha Stewart file labels seem to make it in almost every layout.
Super simple and so glad to see another one in the books.
Kits used:
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  1. The family wedding set me behind (again!). My sole goal is to catch up before the end of summer. One month!!


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