Around the Web, a New Jelly Telly Post, and a Giveaway!

  • I have a new blog up of at Club Jelly Telly today … all about taking a deep breath as we are gearing up for the beginning of a new school year and remember who is the one worthy of our trust when we get anxious. Read more here.
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  • Doesn’t this look like a fun little online workshop? And, if you blog about it, it’s free! So there you go. I’ve recently found Edie’s blog (Life {in} Grace) and wish I had tons of time to dig around her archives and get to know her better.
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  • I’ve been perusing a few of my favorite posts from Elizabeth Foss and Kendra Fletcher and trying to fire myself up for school this year. This is a busy season in our house with a VERY active 2 going on 3 year old boy and I am in need of encouragement for me and a few ideas in my pocket to keep this boy out of trouble and busy while we do school. If you aren’t subscribed to these two blogs (or at least making generous use of their archives) you need to be.
  • As a fun little back-to-school treat for you, the few and faithful that read here, I’ve got a giveaway. (I don’t know the last time I’ve had one of those!) I’ve got an extra unopened copy of Volume 1 of What’s in the Bible that I’d love to mail to a new home. If you are interested, leave a comment on this post by Friday afternoon and I’ll draw a winner. (Make sure you leave me an email with your comment so I know how to track you down.) For one extra entry, you can facebook or tweet about this giveaway, and then leave me a comment with the link. Good luck!
This contest is closed - congrats Tami!


  1. Fun! Good night. You say the few and the faithful. Ha. I don't know if I'm considered a faithful. :-) I've been commenting occasionally since our OWOA days. Schooling with a little guy. I will be watching for your suggestions. Samuel is just about 5 months and boy did it take a bit of work to not feel overwhelmed with the teaching, nursing need. We've been back at the books for about 3 weeks and I feel like we've finally hit a nice groove (hoping our trip back to TN next week does not throw a kink in it).


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