Project Life Update ::: July 15-21

Yes, I’m behind on Project Life. About all I’m managing to get done right now with homeschooling is uploading and printing the week’s pictures. That way they are at least waiting on me when I get a moment to fill in my journaling cards. I found a very neat tutorial here and have started laying out my pages with post-its. Makes is super simple to see where my pictures go and what gaps I have to fill.
I used lots of summer colors this week - I used the July Project Life kit from Splendid Fiins almost exclusively and the colors just fly off the pages. I love them.
On the left:
  • Notes on a new job for T.
  • a boy that crazy about swimming
  • school books in the mail
I cut down a 12x12 page that had spots for six 4x6 photos and we had a little insert about N1’s week at overnight camp. She did the journaling on these two cards (both from the Bridgeport mini kit).
She wrote us notes each day so those (of course!) had to be included. I just stuck them in a 6x6 pocket I had and left the top open. I’m sure we will want to pull them out and reread them someday! An extra picture from camp was stuck in the back.
There was another 8 1/2x11 insert that I didn’t photograph that just had a piece of artwork one of the girls did and something that N2 wrote about her recent trip to Guatemala.
On the right:
  • Saying goodbye to one of our buddies that moved away.
  • Picking our girl up at camp. You see the liberal use of washi tape around this photo. It’s a homemade flip up pocket that you can see in greater detail below.
  • Photos from a friend’s karaoke party
  • The first journaling card is a pic of the boy shooting his toy gun along side Han and Luke one night as we watched Star Wars. I died at the cuteness.
  • Another little friend’s birthday party
  • ANOTHER birthday. This one for my sister. Covering up incriminating evidence so I don’t get in trouble. : )
You can see my handy flip up pockets here. The flip up in the journaling card spot is also from Splendid Fiins – so handy for an extra bit of hidden journaling.
And that’s all she wrote for this week.
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on,, and many major craft retailers. It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Lifehere. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.


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