Project Life ::: April 15-21

Another catch up week here – lots of photos and just a few words. I had one insert which I didn’t photograph. It was the girls’ testing sheets from their CC memory work and I didn’t feel it exciting enough to share. : )
On the left:
  • the boy and the dog reading together
  • documenting our testing. The journaling card shot shows N1 testing with her tutor and below that is the happy testers finally done.
  • another CC shot in the middle – this one flips up (you can see it later down in the post) from N2’s class. Another mom sent me these pictures and I am so thankful for them! I wasn’t able to go visit her class due to tutoring and I hated not having any pictures from her year.
  • snuggling a brand new babe
On the right:
  • books that were added to our library for this fall’s schooling. It’s never to early to start accumulating books!
  • from small group on a Thursday night
  • my tree climbing duo
  • a shot of my mom shirt that I wore to N1’s games this spring
  • N2 and T practicing for church
Love this photo of the four girls! And my flip-up washi taped pocket did the trick to add some journaling.
Kits used (not a lot this week!):
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