Discipleship & Discipline Webinar with Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae

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How cool is this!

Sally Clarkson (who I consider to be one of my homeschooling / mama mentors is co-hosting and webinar based off her book Desperate with co-author Sarah Mae. This looks SO good!

Topics that will be covered include:
  • How to Raise a “Wild One”
  • How to Instill Excellence in Your Child
  • How to Have a Quiet Time When There’s No Quiet
  • How to Deal with Over-Emotinal Children
  • How to Find a Mentor
  • How to Build a Winning Relationship With Your Child
  • How to Motivate Your Children to Listen to Your Instruction and Obey Your Training
  • How to Deal With Your Lies So You Can Parent in Freedom Instead of Fear
  • How to Get Through the Desperate Days
  • How to Find and Nurture Friendships with Other Moms

I’m hoping to register and attending this and if you are interested in doing so, here’s a link to get started.

The links included are affiliate links and if you use them, I will make a small profit which most likely goes towards books in this household. Thank you!


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