Project Life ::: August 19-24, 2013

Maybe one of my favorite layouts for a week,ever.


Those eyes. : ) He’s my only blue-eyed one so I’m a little bit mesmerized by them when I can get a good shot of them. It just had to be the title card.


On the left:
  • reading to the boy during school
  • the current series that N1 is reading through (in the journaling pocket)
  • new desks for the girls
  • music lessons! (they come to the house! I don’t have to take the kids anywhere! I don’t have to entertain the boy at an hour and a half of lessons! This is a good. thing.)

All the journaling cards in these layouts are from the August Studio Calico kit. I love how the cards really are so different, but they all tie together and don’t clash. Still thinking that the Project Life kit from SC has been a good investment for me this year. Other than having to purchase my PL pieces (a new binder, pocket pages, etc.) it has kept me out of the scrapbook store. : )


On the right:
  • the current read-aloud
  • a boy and a dad playing a little guitar together
  • the little girls working together to climb a tree that was a bit too high for them. I told them I wasn’t going to help. : )
  • some shots of planning that I’ve been doing that I just liked. And this spiral notebook and this yellow folder are tools that I use every day so worth including.
  • a shot of N1 enjoying a piece of cake as we celebrated her and N2’s baptism a few weeks ago! I have an insert that covers that but didn’t include photos of it for this post.

All the yellow scattered through these photos make me happy.

Untitled Untitled
And that’s all she wrote for this week. As of right now, I’m staying current with my album, but have a quite a few weeks that I got behind on last spring. Maybe our fall break will give me a little time to play catch-up? : )
Project Life is a product and a system created by Becky Higgins and available on,, and many major craft retailers. It can be anything you want it to be. You can view all my posts about Project Lifehere. I'm always happy to answer questions about how Project Life works for me, if you have any.


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