Jelly Telly Post :: My Autumn Manifesto

Working on my Autumn Manifesto (thanks to inspiration from @aimeek73) and hoping to turn this into a blog for Jelly Telly next week. Have I mentioned I love autumn lately? Because I really, really do.

My latest post for the Jelly Telly blog actually went live last week, but I’m finally getting around to linking up here. : )

You can read more (if you are so interested!) about my thoughts and family plans for our Autumn Manifesto here. A snippet:

This is just part of my list, and it doesn’t even scratch the things that I have thought about for Thanksgiving. But sometimes I need a gentle reminder to slow down and just be with my family. These items that I I’ve listed aren’t fancy – and most won’t even cost much money – but it’s the time together making memories that will be remembered. Slow down and savor this season.

As always, though I head into each month wondering what in the world I will write about, I have been so honored to be able to share on this blog with these other parents. It has been a gift.

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  1. Love the post and all the great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Steph, I saw lots of pumpkin items at Aldi yesterday and thought of you & your love of pumpkin things....


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