Project Life :: September 30–October 6

Birthday week! And the start of the world’s busiest fall break. : )


Up above, on the left:
  • snaps of the boy. What a ham. (Button from one of my Studio Calico kits and digi paper from Paislee Press)
  • N1 presenting her paper in her Essentials class.
  • B & I playing with self-portraits in black and white
  • of note: I think most of the cards on the left are from random and assorted Studio Calico kits.
On the right – this whole side is devoted to the 10-year old. Her birthday was Thursday which involved the birthday girl’s choice of breakfast at Panera, going shooting with Daddy and lots of time in the kitchen whipping up birthday treats. The bottom right photo is from her birthday party which we had at the nearby bowling alley. This was our first out of the house / someone else take care of a lot of the details birthday party and I can’t say enough good things about a bowling party (at least at the place we used). It fit our budget, the kids had a ball, and they actually stood around and visited with each other which is my main complaint at birthday places where everyone runs off in a hundred different directions and you never even see the birthday person. Two thumbs up. The cards on this side are from one of the PL theme kits – Celebrate – which I spotted at Hobby Lobby and bought as a total impulse purchase. : )



(I was not having good luck taking great pictures today). More party shots on the back + cards from the Celebrate kit on the left.


On the right above are a few photos from the rest of the week:
  • I served in the boy’s class at Bible study this week so a couple pictures from that.
  • and the rest of the photos are all from Sunday when we had a family lunch celebrating all the October birthdays. N1, our nephew, and the boy are all within a four day window.

These next few pics are actually from the following week, but it continues on the birthday theme so I’m rolling with it. This is all about the boy and his day. His big request was the zoo with his cousin so we made it happen. The new kangaroo exhibit had just opened so that was a huge highlight!


More cards from the Celebrate kit.



Also getting my money’s worth out of some Paislee Press digi templates I bought quite a while ago. They are great when you have lots of pictures you want to use but don’t want to add in tons of inserts.


In other news, I knuckled down this week and finally finished the first half of 2013:


It’s not overly stuffed – this goes through the first week of July. I could have probably added more, but it stops after our family trip to Ohio which was a natural place for a break between books. Noticeably absent is T and N2’s trip to Guatemala from this summer, but I’m planning on making a PL mini album with those pictures, hopefully sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it feels good to be less behind that I was before. : )

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  1. Congratulations! I am so impressed that you're keeping up as well as you are.

    Everything looks fabulous!


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