Christmas Break! and a New Post on Jelly Telly

Celebrating our first semester of music lessons with a small recital. And then ... Christmas break!! Thanks for coming @kadeegray and @dasyas95. :)

It's Christmas Break! As of about 10:30 a.m. this morning, my girls finished up their Christmas music recital and we are officially on break until January. Whew. I've been struggling to get school done with them the last few days and even had strange thoughts of trying to plug on through the rest of this week, but it's not happening. I'm done and ready for a break and so are they. I've got a short stack of books from the library that need some attention and White Christmas is on the agenda (hopefully) for tonight's viewing.

Tomorrow I have got the monster of all read aloud posts going up - nothing like saving ALL our fall read-alouds and posting them in one swoop. I need to remind myself not to do that next spring. : )

Also, I've got a new post up over on the Jelly Telly blog and some thoughts about Jesus as our Prince of Peace.

Hope your day has been merry.


  1. Enjoy your break, ours begins today. We are replacing textbook math with cookie measurements and enjoying all the fun time of baking for Christmas - I can't wait! Your cookies look so good!


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