Project Life ::: November 18-24, 2013


The week before Thanksgiving is in the books!


What happened this week:
  • laundry was apparently the most exciting thing around here at the first of the week.
  • lots and lots of rainbow looming. Lots. It's been great for our read-aloud time. : )
  • a shot of my class from CC that I'm hiding since there are so many little kids in the photo that aren't mine.
  • another shot of the boy up to no good - this time I turned to find him in the fridge trying to get the pumpkin cream cheese down "all myself." 

On the right:
  • I journaled a little bit about a little green jug that used to be my Grandad's. It is now the kids' milk jug and they love pouring it on their cereal in the mornings.
  • thoughts about ironing. My mom can probably attest to the fact that I was a LOUSY iron-er growing up. I wore wrinkles before ironing if necessary. However, it's a testament to how much I like my husband (and probably a little to how I've grown up some) that I will happily pull the iron out to press his dress shirts when they come out of the dryer. Truly a job I love to do now.
  • some treats for a church potluck that my kids requested I make. Sprinkles applied by B.
  • The boy! He was all decked out for church in an adorable (hand-me-down) sweater vest and look adorable. I snapped about three pictures and then he promptly went and poured one of the girls' hot chocolate from breakfast ALL down his front. So glad I got the picture before the lightening fast outfit change before walking out the door!

Kit and cards used: this week was all with the seafoam kit, using digi cards that I printed out. I forgot how much I love this kit and the prompt cards that came with it. The badge on the last card came from the December Studio Calico kit and its paired with the weekly Martha Stewart label from Staples. (I am still working off the very first batch of those labels that I bought well over a year ago - a great investment and I still have plenty left!)



And that's all she wrote!

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