Keeping Things Simple

I recently did a personality test online ... I've known for some time that I probably fall into the introvert camp, but I was interested to see what an actual test would conclude. Yes, still introvert. HUGE introvert. I thrive on routine, structure, organization, and time alone to recharge when I've had to expend a lot of energy being social and with people.

Basically, the exact opposite of my day as a homeschooling mama.

I know full well, and have recently had it reconfirmed through some thinkerly type moments and conversations that homeschooling is the path for our family and is the place that God wants me spending my time and energy. (Not that I was questioning it, but it's always comforting to have it confirmed and be refreshed in that goal). However, I need to give a bit more thought as to how I can keep myself from burning out time and time again in this place. Being available for these amazing little people who I get to learn and love alongside of is a such a gift. But the mama that is continually overextended or not making a priority to manage her time and possessions (i.e., keep things picked up!) is no blessing to the family around her.

Just a few thoughts that have been percolating of late. The last few weeks have been some of our best this year as I have narrowed my focus as much as I can to two goals for my day: keeping up with the housework (which entails anything that falls under my homemaker umbrella) and homeschooling the children. Anything that doesn't clearly fall under those two categories get some serious thinking about before I say yes or add one more thing to the calendar. This line that my husband and I have come up with for me has been such a huge help in pushing back the feeling of being overwhelmed. Maybe it's too simple, but sometimes simple keeps it just that ... simple.


  1. I love this. It reminds me of when I realized that "we'll just need to do high school in high school". I was feeling pressure to do stuff early and get credits out of the way,etc, etc, and I had to come to that conclusion. A simple boundary that helped me not feel overwhelmed.

  2. This is great, Stephanie. I think I need to adopt your philosophy. :-)


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