What Monday Calls For

Malted milk chocolate chip cookies for the Monday win.

Sometimes a Monday calls for a batch of yummy cookies to make it through the rest of the day.

Recipe is Pioneer Woman's Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies. Adding malted milk powder to my go-to chocolate chip recipe? Game changer.

The cookbook is called Cookie Friday and sold by Marta. Pretty sure that our summer bucket list will have the goal of baking our way through this little book one recipe at at time.

No affiliate links here - I just like to support mamas that want to stay home with their kids when it fits my budget and my needs. Not that I really need a cookie recipe book. : )


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I found your blog through Elizabeth's Restore Workshop and immediately read this post. I love to bake and I have the Pioneer Woman's cookbooks but haven't tried these. I love the idea of cooking through a cookbook too. Planning to do that this summer with the PW!


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