About a Boy

Matthew 16: seems like it shouldn't surprise me when there is another mention of laying down your life and that the one who lays their's down is really the one who gains. #matthewinmay


Someone decorated my drink for me.



He looks forward to going to the library as much as the girls. He even picks out a few books for himself now. (Superheroes in our stack is a new thing).

Star Wars, swords, playing with his little "guys" (action figures) are some of his favorite things.

Can handle two fisted popsicle action without missing a beat ... or until the neighborhood kids start playing a ballgame in the cul-de-sac. Then we don't have time for popsicles.

A little bit of sporty dude. Participated in a field day that was really for the girls and won third place in three different events, even when competing with the big four year olds.

Parenting him is absolutely a riot as he is coming into his own sense of humor and absolutely exhausting as his energy is apparently unlimited. So thankful that he is ours.


  1. :D Now this post I "get." Super heroes (especially Superman) are gaining in popularity around here and there's not a room in our house that isn't occupied by LEGOs. :)

    So fun! Love the pictures.


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