Thursday, May 08, 2014

Currently :: May

Loving :: end of our yearly commitments. CC is done. CBS finished last week. Awana has one more week. Bring on the empty calendar squares.

Thinking :: of plans for next year (naturally). It's all been typed up in a chart and submitted to the "principal" for approval and budgetary consideration and then we should be good to go.

Eating :: lots of salad. There were a few too many mini Snickers in the kids' Easter candy this year.

Enjoying :: flip flops and short sleeve shirts! Seventy degree days are my favorite.

Making :: decluttering piles. Cleaning out the school room, bedrooms for a little bit more room to breathe around here for the summer.

Plotting :: a summer bucket list for us.

Struggling :: with finding time to walk or run. It's not just for my legs and body, but for my mind as well - to get out and think quiet thoughts without constant interruptions. Hoping to make this happen more this spring and summer.

Feeling :: semi-overwhelmed. I can't decide if it's just the nature of life right now, or my to-do list, but there is a lot going on. I have a few hours with a sitter during the day Friday and I am so looking forward to that. Am contemplating making that a regular part of my summer routine, maybe every other week.

Savoring :: this sweet girl. We celebrated seven on Monday. Honestly ... struggling with this birthday. My last baby girl who still is so very young in action and deed, heart and spirit.

Celebrating seven.

Finding :: a few minutes for a frozen drink with this girl. We snuck out Saturday afternoon to shop for B's birthday. It had been a while since she and I had had a mama/N2 date!

Target and frappachinos with this girl. ❤️

Celebrating :: our spring bonanza of birthdays in my family this weekend. We have both my parents with birthdays, B, my brother-in-law, and Mother's Day all about to celebrated in one fell swoop on Sunday. B was in charge of picking dessert and decided that Grandma's strawberry pie was just the ticket. There will be pie making this weekend. Yum.

Reading :: Matthew with my friend Candace at His Mercy is New and posting a daily snippet on Instagram. (Maybe I should compile them all here so that I have a bloggy record?)

Matthew 2 and iced coffee on the front porch FTW. #matthewinmay

I want to camp out on this chapter for a while! Beware if practicing your righteousness before other people - pray privately; fast so no one knows but the Lord; dialogue with the Father about trespasses first and foremost before airing them. Do not be anx

Wishing :: you all a happy Thursday. : )


  1. Love your list : ) Our best friends are coming in for a retirement ceremony this weekend and we'll have the opportunity to celebrate Bee, Maddie, and Curtis all in one fell swoop (with an emphasis on the Actual Day Of for Bee). She has requested pancakes with a donut chaser. We love birthday brunches far more than birthday dinners!

  2. Bring on the empty calendar squares!! I'm thankful for the regularly scheduled events to be finishing up but it seems the calendar squares are never quite empty...even so I'm thankful for the change in routine.

  3. Yay for empty calendar spaces! :)


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