Book Talk :: The Storm Makers


Another fun find that I discovered on a recent trip to the library. (Have I mentioned that I love my job pre-reading books for my girls?) Our children's department has a table of books that have won or been nominated for the illustrious Volunteer State Book Award. A few weeks ago, a stack of The Storm Makers caught my eye and one made it into our bag to take home.

The Storm Makers tells the tale of Ruby and Simon, twelve year old twins who live with their parents on a run-down farm in Wisconsin. They have recently moved here when their parents decided to quit their jobs in the city and "follow their dream" - their dad spends most of his day in their barn working on his invention and mom has dreams of becoming an artist. Ruby and Simon keep hoping that things will pick up in their new location, but the weather has been extremely hot and dry, the crops are doing well, and things aren't looking good for their parents' second careers. To top it off, the weather starts acting strange ... random bursts of wind and rainstorms (or the lack thereof) take place with no rhyme or reason. Except, Ruby starts to notice things seem to rise and fall with Simon's emotions.

Ruby isn't the only one that has noticed. A mysterious stranger arrives in their town and tells Ruby that Simon has a gift - part science and part magic - and can affect the weather. He is one of the rare and secret group of people called Storm Makers, and they are given the responsibility of watching, guiding, and protecting people from weather. While Ruby and Simon are trying to take this all in, and second (and of course, also mysterious) stranger arrives, also interested in Simon's power. Each claims to have Simon's best interests at heart, but who really is to be trusted.

This was a fun little story that I enjoyed reading. It would be enjoyable summer reading if you are looking for something on the lighter side, either as a read-aloud for the elementary age crew or independent reading for 8 and up, at least judging by my crew.

FYI: This book reminded me of Savvy by Ingrid Law which I reviewed ages ago. Another story of a coming-of-age + coming into unusual special abilities story.


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