Quoted :: Christy by Catherine Marshall

She was teaching me about true friendship too. Through Fairlight's eyes I came to know a quality of friendship which bore little resemblance to the casualness of our relationships back home. The mountain type of friendship was a tie of substance between people with a sort of gallant fealty about it. It had to do with a time in the past when there was no more final bond than a man's pledged word; when every connection of blood and family was firm and strong, forged in the past, stretching into the future.
And so this kind of friendship was for life - yes, and for eternity too. One would never deceive or defraud a friend, nor allow him to be in need so long as you had one coin, one garment, or one meal to share with him. His sorrow was your sorrow; his joy, your cause for rejoicing too.
Christy by Catherine Marshall

Hustling to get this done this week because I have a wrap-up post to write for Carrie over at Reading to Know. I have so enjoyed reading this book again after such a long time and there were some gems of quotes to be found in it. I have loved every minute of revisiting this old friend.


  1. I love this book and have pages of quotes from it. I had Levi read it as part of his history this year, too. So between the two of you, I'm feeling freshly inspired to re-read it. Perhaps I will get to it this summer.


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