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Happy 2018!

Our Christmas break has been a whirlwind around these parts. While we didn't travel, I realized today that (I think) there was only one day that I managed to stay home the entire day we have been on break. Not nearly enough hibernating for me! However, in spite of the busy-ness, it was a good break with lots of just-us family time, movies in the evening (we finished our annual watching of Lord of Rings / Hobbit movies, extended editions of course), and mornings without an alarm clock. We have reached the point where it's time to go back to school because we need more structure to our days!

I've spent some of the last week thinking about the coming year and where I think I need to put a little more focus and diligence. I hesitate to call them resolutions ... one, because as a New Year's Eve baby, on top of it being a new calendar year, it's also a new year around the sun for me. I just happen to be able to combine the two. :) There will always be books that I want to read in the coming twelve months (or revisit) and new promises to snack less and drink more water, but I've had a word stuck in my head and on my heart for several weeks now, and it's something I want to pursue in the coming months. The word JOY has been on the forefront and I want to be conscious of it in my own life (instead of tending to be a glass-half-empty person) and how can I cultivate that in my life (spiritually, physically, emotionally ... and all the other -ally words). :) This isn't something that I can make lots of lists about - my preferred method of working on something and getting it done! But I'm excited to keep this in the forefront of my mind and heart and work on a new perspective in several areas.

Here's to a new year, a fresh clean calendar (for now), and the promise of what's to coming the next twelve months!

Of note: JOY was apparently my word of the year in 2009. I guess it's the season to revisit this one again! :)


  1. Happy new year! And happy birthday! Sounds like a lovely pursuit indeed.


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