Menu Plan Monday - 8.20

I'll preface this menu by saying that we are REALLY low on groceries and I can't go shopping until at least Thursday (Travis' payday). While we are not going to starve, I don't have much extra to wing it this week. When the cupboards are super-bare, I usually ended up planning EVERYTHING out so that I don't suddenly realize that we don't have food for breakfast or something.

B: toast or oatmeal or blueberry muffins (leftovers)
L: quesadillas
D: chicken stir fry with mixed veggies (frozen) and rice

B: toast or oatmeal
L: hotdogs, peas, apple slices
D: homemade pizza

B: toast or oatmeal
L: pb & jelly sandwiches, applesauce or yogurt
D: potluck with friends' (so we can hang out with out-of-town friends that are here). I'm taking fruit salsa (think I have all the ingredients) with tortilla chips and a green bean cassarole

B: toast or oatmeal
L: chicken nuggets
D: spaghetti, garlic bread, some veggie

B: cereal
L: quesadillas
D: tacos for the adults, girls will probably eat theirs in tortillas

B: cereal or toast
L: going to a birthday party at a local lake/beach so probably something like pb&j and chips
D: breakfast dinner

For more menus, visit Org Junkie!


  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    BTDT!! I guess you meant "not" going to starve, huh? Have a great day Steph!

  2. Oops! Thanks, Bedky. :)


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