Eight Things About My Marriage

A marriage meme ... in honor of our 5th anniversary on Friday. Tagged by Stephanie.

1. I love being married to Travis ... he is the only guy I've ever kissed and really dated. I love that.

2. I am several years older than Travis. SEVERAL. Do you want to guess how many? : ) Most people don't realize that because I look so young. LOL

3. We started our marriage by a one-week honeymoon at Yellowstone National Park, planned entirely by the husband. It was fabulous. No phone, TV, internet for over a week.

4. We've lived in two homes since we've been married - a two bedroom condo and our current house.

5. In our marriage, Travis handles the finances and budget. That is a Good Thing. All part of him being an amazing provider for us.

6. He is a supercalafragalisticexpialidocious kind of Dad! Our girls ADORE him and I love it. Case in point: I went to a baby shower last night and left all the girls home with him. They had a ball with Daddy complete with hide-and-go-seek games and I'm sure there was some jumping on the bed time. : )

7. He is a better housecleaner than I am. However, I am slowly warming to his desire to purge our house of all extraneous material and that, also, is a Good Thing.

8. He is my defender, 2nd only to God. There have been a couple situations where he has risen to my defense and has totally blown me away with the seriousness with which he takes that role. Makes me feel unbelieveable loved and cherished.

I'm going to tag Pattie, Maria and Cheri if you want to play along. : )


  1. Oh, I love your number 1!! I didn't even think about that for my blog. My hubby is the only one I've ever kissed or really dated also. I'm always thankful for that. Definitely something I'm going to instill in my kids! =)

  2. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Love your memes! Hubbie was also my first kiss!

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    I'll play! It might not be till Monday though. Keep watching!

  4. I will totally do this...I'm just getting around to my blog reading. :)

    Thanks for tagging me.


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