Slow Morning on Thankful Thursday

We had a rare evening last night ... friends were in from out of town so several families got together for an evening to hang out and catch up (and, of course, eat yummy food). : ) We didn't get home until 1 a.m.! I know ... not your typical bedtime routine for three little ones, right? I figured we would head home and have the girls in bed a little later than usual, but they kept playing so well and behaving we lost track of the time for the most part. By 12:30 though, the oldest and youngest had fallen asleep in various spots, but Natalie (18 mos.) was still going strong. She had all the adult attention to herself and was being a charmer.

Because I'm an early-to-bed person myself, I'm thankful that nights like these are not the norm. But, it was well worth it for the chance to catch up with these wonderful friends that I miss so much. I am thankful for friendships that stand the test of miles, but can pick up right where they left off. And another bonus, I'm thankful that there was a little sleeping in around here this morning!

So, if you are looking for me today, at the moment we are curled up watching Sesame Street and will follow that with a morning nap and rest time for all. So thankful that we have no where to go today and can catch up from our fun and late night.

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  1. i popped over from Thankful Thursday with Iris...and saw on the side that you love PENS...I blogged about that last night..saving the paper addiction for another day!:)
    I used to be thankful for Sesame Street too...another season now...Hannah Montana! but always thankful the kiddos are in bed by 9!!
    enjoyed it!!

  2. I enjoyed your thankful list. I am from Tennessee also, bless you.

  3. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I can just envision little tykes sleeping all over the place.

    Rest up!

  4. Anonymous6:51 AM

    that is a great deal to be thankful for! I love nights like that but like you, am glad they are not for everyday.
    Enjoy your cuddle day.


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