18 Months

18 months

So, I was going to do a sweet and heartfelt post about how my middle baby turned 18 months old yesterday. Complete with a cute picture of her, funny things that she says, and maybe a list of her favorite things.

However, this tragedy happened:


And gues who was the little culprit.

The fact that she uses the dog as a step-stool - entirely her own idea I might add - does nothing to soften my heart.


Happy one-and-a-half years, baby girl! : )


  1. She is adorable, Stephanie.

  2. Too cute. I have a picture of where Caleb knocked over my Sonic Diet Coke when he was about 11 months. NOT a good day! ;-)

  3. Oh, no! Not Sonic! I feel your pain.

  4. Anonymous7:01 PM

    LOL she is a cutie

  5. what a cutie ---

    I am strangely comforted by the fact that your living room looks a lot like mine in the background

    Love ya girl...

  6. She is adorable! And a little firecracker, apparently. Love the "dog as stepstool".

    We had a malamute - I recognize the summer shedding pattern!

  7. The mischievous are equally irresistable. Happy 18 mos, N2!


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