Friday Felicities - 7.27

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~ a husband that brings me a Sonic diet coke before going to work
~ trips to the zoo
~ giraffes, freaky awkward looking creatures that make me smile
~ "wet like an egg" kinda hot*
~ making fun things with paper and glue
~ a new-to-me sewing machine!
~ celebrating five years with my husband one week from today
~ learning about having the mindset of Christ and desiring that for myself

*A quote from yesterday's trip to the zoo, where it was very, very, VERY hot:

N1: Mama, I'm like an egg.

Mama: Okay. How are you like an egg?

N1: I'm all wet.

She cracks. me. up. (I'm guessing she is remembering to when she and I made cookies last week and we managed to drop an egg on the floor - there was "wet" everywhere!) Whatever it was, I laughed. : )



  1. I love the first one!!! :) I love Sonic's drinks! Hubbie might have to start this one when the new baby comes...only mine might have to have some sugar and caffeine in it!!!

  2. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I love the photo :)

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  4. How I miss Sonic!! Can you send me a vanilla Dr. Pepper Route 44, pretty please?!

    We went to the zoo today. a few months ago they had a baby giraffe born. Today we found a new baby giraffe that was born Tuesday night. They are so cute, all wobbly and awkward.

  5. ooh... next time you go can bear and i join you?

  6. The zoo and kids is such a great combination.


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