Another fun project

... and super easy. The inspiration and instructions came from this site.

Address Book Address Book - inside

Address Book - another inside shot


I got frustrated with never having enough room for all the info I wanted to list in my address book ... lines to short for email addresses, not enough phone lines (because everyone has a home phone, cell phone, work phone, etc.) and on and on ... so I made my own. Font is CK Marissa, one of my favorites.

You can click each photo to see larger in Flickr.


  1. So cute! Love the font!

  2. how much to do one for me -- I am serious here. -- you could probably make a bundle selling these with punkin press.....

  3. That is SO cute! And I agree that you could sell those. I'd be interested in one!

  4. I LOVE address books are always so pitifully small..

    thanks for your visit to my blog today!!

    from one cokeaholic to another..:)


  5. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I love your address book!


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