Honor Your Husband - the Wrap Up

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This challenge has been a great thing for me. It's forced me to look at some things that I have been frustrated with for a looooong time. And surprisingly, guess who needs to make some changes? : )

I started off the challenge with some typical wifely goals (and, please don't hear this as bad because they were/areas that I need to work on):

  • greet him when he gets home from work with a smile and not a frown or tired face
  • pick a book on marriage to read over the next 3-4 weeks
  • think before I speak
  • think before I speak (so important it needs to be on there twice!) :-)
  • work at doing a good job with our budget and what I have to work with for groceries and other needs (more about this later)

    But over the course of the challenge, my posts and my heart took a different turn. (You can see weeks two and three here.) It was starting to get a little personal (yikes!) : ) Not as much of just greeting him with a smile on my face, but working on some attitude adjusting so that the smile and joy of serving him came from my heart.

    My post from last week seemed to be the pinnacle of where the Lord was steering me during this challenge. To focus more on Him and out of that will come a better love for my husband and a great desire to serve him as I am supposed to as a Godly wife. I'm even developing a desire to get up early before the rest of my household for a few stolen minutes in the Scriptures! This is totally new for me and just a little bit exciting! : ) Right now, I'm just enjoying time in my Bible, reading a few chapters and maybe picking out a verse that strikes me to think about during the day. However, I am going to start adding some time for prayer ... real sit-down prayer as opposed to the quickies I send up during the day as things come to mind. I'm excited to see where the Lord is going to lead me during this time, and how this will start to change me, my attitude, and my marriage! My "morning meeting" has become the most important part of my day, and I can truly say that I miss it when I oversleep or a child-issue prevents it from happening.

    Wow, this marriage challenge sure did a 360-degree turn! Instead of just making some surface changes (and maybe some husband-changes) I am being changed from inside out. It's it amazing how God works? : )

    Thank you to Christine at Fruit in Season for hosting this!


    I have been so moved by this new morning time that I am having ... it's nothing earth shattering, but finally taking the time to make a quiet time with the Lord a priority has been nothing short of amazing. With that, I'm throwing out the idea of a way to be accountable to keep up with my morning meeting with the Lord. I'm going to post an update every couple of weeks on how I'm doing, what I've been reading, etc., and if any are interested in participating in this with me, I would love it. I've even (because I'm slightly geeky that way) made a graphic (or two or three) that anyone who wants to participate in could post on their blog. Thoughts? I'll probably be doing this whether or not anyone else does, but I would love the company if you need the accoutability and encouragement in this area from others. : )

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    1. May God continue to bless you and your husband!

    2. I'd love to join you, but I don't want to make that kind of commitment at this time.... I might be leaving you hanging! That's why a quiet time is a priority once I quit working.... it desperately needs to be.. Thanks for the thoughts and encourage you to continue your morning meetings! Maybe in 2 months and 1 week you'll still be doing it and I can join you then!

    3. Absolutely! Count me in! I need some accountablity cause this NOT-A-MORNING person is having a hard time rolling out of bed in the morning.

    4. That would mean waking up when hubby does around 6 a.m., and hoping bear is not already awake... hmmm.... let me ponder this a bit more. I am NOT a morning person.


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